Our story

The Maxiblock story started back in the 1970s right here in Australia. The founding idea was simple: to make great sunscreens, sell them at a fair price, and protect you and your family from the harsh Aussie sun. Fourty years later, this is still what drives us.

We are a proudly independent family business owned and operated by an experienced chemist. This means that we really understand and care about what goes into our products and are involved in every step of the process. Owner Thibaut Mortier studied chemistry at Chimie ParisTech and has worked with UV filter technologies worldwide for decades. When he moved to Perth, he fell in love with the Aussie way of life and saw an opportunity to apply his expertise and experience to Maxiblock.

So when we say we understand sunscreen, we really mean it.


Our mission

Our mission here at Maxiblock is as straightforward as they come – we want to provide you and your families with premium quality products at a fair price. For us, it’s all about your peace of mind. We want you to feel safe when you enjoy the great outdoors and trust that we’ve got your back.

At Maxiblock, we pay attention to what goes into our bottles and are committed to embracing and leading progress. We understand that trust is something to be earned and we will work hard to earn it. This means no greenwashing, unvalidated claims or marketing ploys – just premium quality sunscreens that do not cost the earth, made to protect your skin from the harsh Australian sun. 

It’s that simple.


Responsibly made

Here at Maxiblock we are serious about our responsibilities for our communities and ecosystems.

We carefully consider what goes into our sunscreens and have excluded problematic or unnecessary ingredients. All our sunscreens are are compliant with the Hawaii Reef Bill and deemed reef safe. Our tubes, bottles and labels are recyclable, made in Australia, and made with recycled and renewable materials whenever possible.

Got suggestions for how we can minimise our environmental impact? Please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear your feedback.