How Dangerous Is The Australian Sun?

The intensity of the Australian sun is vividly portrayed through the Solargis map, where regions with exceptionally high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation are prominently highlighted in striking hues of red and pink. This map serves as a testament to the potent and potentially harmful nature of the sun's rays in Australia.

On days characterized by elevated UV ratings, the relentless Australian sun can swiftly inflict damage upon unprotected skin, capable of causing sunburn within mere minutes of exposure. In such conditions, it becomes imperative to prioritize sun protection measures to shield the skin from the detrimental impacts of heightened UV radiation.

  • 1. A tan, often sought after for its aesthetic appeal, is, in fact, the skin's physiological response to the damage inflicted by UV rays.

  • 2. The cumulative impact of UVA radiation on the skin is not limited to immediate concerns such as sunburn; it extends to the long-term consequences of premature aging.

  • 3. Believe that your SPF moisturizer or foundation is sufficient? The reality is, many cosmetics equipped with built-in sunblock typically offer an SPF of just 15.

The science of sunscreens

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